Silar Announces Janis Matisons as Vice President

“Janis is a Ph.D. chemist, who has a proven track record as an innovative senior technical and business leader in the chemical industry.  He has demonstrated success in his career with his proficiency in new technologies, process research, product formulation, custom synthesis, building and maintaining customer relationships and his abilities to scale-up in a chemical engineering environment,” commented Carrington Smith, CEO of MPD Chemicals.

Janis has over 25 years of academic and industrial experience working in silicon and polymer-based materials, specialty chemicals, applied research, product development, quality, custom synthesis, and commercialization. Prior to joining Silar, Janis worked for many years in the industry, where he managed silicones polymer research and development, technical and analytical services and quality groups in his past industrial positions. He also previously held a personal chair as full professor of nanotechnology and polymer science at Flinders University.

About Silar

Silar, an MPD Chemicals company, focuses on production of custom and specialty silane and silicone materials from laboratory to multi-ton scale for a wide a range of end-use applications. For over 35 years, Silar has developed hundreds of catalog and customized products to work with client companies to solve todays challenging opportunities. Silar Laboratories is ISO 9002 certified with extensive capabilities to handle development projects from grams to multi-ton quantities.

Silar product offerings include custom silicones, adhesion promoters, and organosilanes that are widely used in a variety of markets including coatings, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical intermediates, adhesives, as well as academic and industrial R&D.