Custom Synthesis

Custom Manufacturing

Silar focuses on production of custom and specialty silane and silicone materials from laboratory to multi-ton scale for a wide a range of end-use applications. Silar’s ISO 9001 certified custom synthesis services includes delivery high quality solutions for customers that have proprietary manufacturing requirements and specifications. Our specialty chemical production facility offers versatile types of manufacturing services on an ongoing basis.

We deliver quick turn-key solutions for our customers’ proprietary manufacturing projects that includes our team of experts evaluating and processing all technology specifications efficiently. Technology transfers are conducted by PhD, MS. and B.S. chemists with extensive customer collaboration. Our customers’ technical teams are always welcome to participate on-site in the start-up and production process.

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Silar is ISO 9001 certified offering extensive custom synthesis solutions for development projects ranging from grams to multi-kilograms through the commercialization process, and the production of multi-ton quantities.

Silar Laboratories Capabilities

Silar Laboratories produces organosilanes, silicones and related materials for pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial and R&D use. The manufacturing facilities are capable of producing kilos to multi-ton scale between our two sites in NY and NC.

The following equipment is installed:

  • State-of-the-art kilo lab with fourteen large walks in hoods.
  • Three 100 gal glass lined reactor systems with 30 plate high vacuum stills
  • One 200 gal glass lined reactor system with 30 plate high vacuum still
  • One 500 gal glass lined reactor system with 18 plate normal vacuum still (>20 mm Hg).
  • One 500 gal Hastelloy reactor system with 18 plate normal vacuum still (>20 mm Hg).
  • One 30, 50 and 300 gal glass lined reactors.
  • Two 500 gal glass lined reactors.
  • A flare and counter-current scrubber to handle odorous materials.
  • Various solids handling equipment including a 150 gal Guedu (Rosenmund type) filter/dryer.
  • A 27 ft, 60 theoretical plate distillation column serviced by a 300 gal glass lined reactor.
  • Wiped film evaporators, two inch and four inch.

Some important notes:

Reactors can operate between -20 ºC and +230 ºC. Vacuum distillations are performed down to 1mm Hg.

Analytical instrumentation includes:

On-Site: AA, GC, GPC, HPLC, FTIR, DSC, auto-titrator, automatic Karl Fischer, Ion Chromatography, pH, Flame Photometer for Na & K, Brookfield LVD viscometer, and APHA color
Available through off-site partnerships:  LCMS, Prep LC, GCMS, NMR and ICP

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