Company Overview

About Silar

Silar, an MPD Chemicals company, is a manufacturer of custom and specialty silane and silicone materials from laboratory to multi-ton scale for a wide a range of end-use applications. For over 40 years, Silar has been helping companies develop new products and improve existing ones through its broad experience in manufacturing silicon based materials and organic monomers. Silar has the necessary technical expertise to solve today’s challenging opportunities with over 700 catalog products and providing custom synthesis solutions to our customers. Our technical staff is always available to collaborate on projects and deliver premier value to customers.

Our staff is dedicated to producing the highest quality custom and catalog products using the most cost-effective technologies solutions.

We are ISO 9001 Certified

Silar has extensive capabilities to handle a range of projects, including development projects, from grams to multi-kilograms quantities, through the scale-up process and commercialization for the production of multi-ton quantities. We are ISO 9001 certified and our staff is dedicated to producing the highest quality materials using cost effective methods and technologies.

Our custom silicones, adhesion promoters, and organosilanes are widely used in a variety of markets including coatings, biomedical devices, pharmaceutical intermediates, adhesives, academic and industrial R&D, and high performance materials. Silar is the manufacturer of choice for companies who need a partner to work with them on product development, scaling production, or solve technical challenges.